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MCP Spring 2022 Picture Day!

Spring Sports Schedule 

2/23/2022  -- Softball

3/4/2022 (FRI) -- Track and Field (4:30pm) (At MCP)

3/8/2022 (TUES) -- Baseball (5:00pm) (Baseball Field)

3/9/2022 (THURS) -- Boys Tennis (3:00pm) (At MCP)

TBD-- Boys Golf (3:30pm) (Avila Beach Golf Course) - needs to be rescheduled

3/17/2022 (THURS) -- Swimming (3:30pm) (Sinsheimer Pool)

Stunt TBD

Boys Volleyball TBD

Beach Volleyball TBD

Welcome to Picture Day for Spring sports of 2022. Below are some answers to common questions about Picture Day along with links that might be helpful. *

What do I need for Picture Day?

We just need your player to show up on time and photo ready, with whatever gear is appropriate for their sport (tennis racket for a tennis player, etc...).

See above for the Picture Day Schedule by team!

What about Paper Order forms?

Just like last year, there are none. Instead we are using PhotoDay. Click here for a video about it. Here's a link to photoday's website: galleries.photoday.io  . Go there and enter the unique gallery code you will be emailed to be notified when photos are posted! You'll also receive an email again once the photos are live. 

How can I pay?

You can order an Advance Pay Credit before photos are published. It's like a gift card you can use to buy whatever you want once you see the photos. Buying an AP Credit will also entitle you to Free Shipping! Go to the Photoday Galleries app on your phone or galleries.photoday.io and enter your access code (from the email you got) to purchase an Advance Pay credit to get free shipping. 

If no paper order forms, then what's my next step?

Click the link in the email or text the access code you'll be emailed to 90738 to be notified when your gallery is live.

Can I wait until I see photos to order?

Definitely, you'll just pay for shipping.

How many photo options will I have to choose from?

My plan is at least 2-4 total poses per player.

What if I have more questions?

No problem. Email owen@fansmanship.com