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2023 SLOHS Graduation Photos Homepage

Text "SLOHS2023" to 90738 to get information about how to order photos.

Graduation Photo FAQ's

Below are some answers to common questions about SLOHS 2023 Graduation Photos.

When will photos be taken?

The Owen Main Photography Team will be in the gym taking photos before the ceremony starting at 3:00pm. Once the grads proceed on the field, we'll be taking candid shots throughout the ceremony, along with photos as grads come across the stage.  

What do I need to do ahead of time?

Nothing! If you want to be notified once photos are ready, you can text SLOHS2023 to 90738 and you'll receive a text as soon as photos are posted, within one week of graduation.

What about Paper Order forms?

We are using a paperless system. To be notified when photos are available, text "SLOHS2023" to 90738.

How can I pay?

You can order an Advance Pay Credit before photos are published. It's like a gift card you can use to buy whatever you want once you see the photos. Buying an AP Credit will also entitle you to Free Shipping! Go to galleries.photoday.io and enter the code Tigers2022 or text SLOHS2023 to 90738 to purchase an Advance Pay credit and get free shipping. 

If no paper order forms, then what's my next step?

Text SLOHS2023  to 90738 to be notified when your gallery is live.

Can I wait until I see photos to order?

Definitely, you'll just pay for shipping.

What if I have more questions?

No problem. Email owen@fansmanship.com